I wish I was a Christmas tree, you hung yourself on…oh wait, that’s a Pearl Jam song…

I wish for…World Peace! Oh wait, I’m not a beauty queen…(although world peace would be pretty darn cool).

Okay, so this is more of a to-do list to keep my thoughts in order (I’m a list girl). Eventually, I want to purchase and/or create and/or obtain everything on this list. Someday.

1. Purchase Prismacolor colored pencils
2. Purchase Soft and hard non-oil pastels
3. Obtain degree in design (of course, attending college would help with this; considering I’ve only taken one college course (western civ 101), this is a daunting task)
4. More books on art/collage/mixed-media
5. Learn how to do resin finish
6. Learn how to do encaustic stuff
7. Purchase more acrylic paint colors and a bigger palette
8. Take a drawing class (or two) (or three)
9. Get business license
10. Join Tucson Arts&Crafts Association
11. Booth at 4th Ave Street Fair
12. Sell art to someone who doesn’t live in Tucson
13. Run again (okay, so that’s not art-related, but really, I need to start running again and I so totally miss it)
14. Take a photography course
15. Get a digital voice recorder (so I can record inspiration when it hits, even if I’m hurtling 75 mph down a freeway or driving under the Rattlesnake bridge) (I tell ya, attempting to write a poem while navigating tricky Tucson rush-hour traffic on the outskirts of downtown on the way to yoga class DOES NOT WORK)
16. Buy a three-ring binder to keep all my art-related inspiration, tips, tricks, etc. in one place
17. Drafting table!
18. Easel!
19. Better light
20. Memory stick
21. Change my son’s last name to include my maiden name (okay, not art-related, but important nonetheless)
22. Get better organzed in my studio space – purchase organizers, etc., so my papers and ribbons and ephemera isn’t scattered and falling everywhere
23. More brads
24. More wire – different colors – better quality?
25. Better camera